Inspiring story of Bikhari Sao – leading food stall in Upper Bazaar

Started in the chilly morning of early 1997 – Bikhari Sao the founder of the Bhikhari food stall is a person who struggled a lot to make a reputed goodwill in the food sector.
He took just three months of time span clearing his loans with the interest to the ones who lend him money. The main and famous dish that the foods stall serves is the samosa and dhushka. They are made to be tasted like ‘a food that has never been tasted so well before’.

The very interesting fact that came into limelight about this food stall is that, the stall that was setup for the first time was in the form of a set up on a thela, and even in 2018. The time when Mr. Bhikhari Sao started his business, he was running it totally by himself with no labour to help him. And now, the business grew to such a great extent that it has seven working labours in it.

During evening the crowd starts to gather around with their orders ready for Bhikhari. Bhikhari food stall is currently run by Mr. Sunil Sao, son of Mr. Bhikhari Sao. In a small conversation, a lot of facts came out about the stall. He says that he used to come to the stall at times when his father started this business and he saw him struggling in making such goodwill that today the whole Upper Bazaar knows them.
He also told us that the samosa and dhushka that they make and also the other items that they serve, all are prepared by looking at the hygiene factor of the consumers.  They change the oil that gets used in preparation every time they feel that it can ruin the taste if it gets burnt by excess cooking/frying.

He says that they can take the risk of anything but not with the health of their customers and the taste of the food. Bhikhari Food Stall’s motive was fixed since it established; ‘serve good, but first serve hygienic’. The daily sale of the stall is enough for family, excluding the loss by theft or bribe of the police officials. We tasted almost every dish, out of all, we loved dhushka the most. It was so crispy from outside, smooth from inside as if it’s just made to be perfect.

The taste of the food just changes your mood and force you to say WOW. Probably the reason behind its success is that the person who cooks dhushka doesn’t get time to rest because it gets sold before it gets arranged in the storage tray. This represents the demand of the food items at their stall.

The only thing that might disappoint you there is the drinking water facility but if you are carrying a water bottle of your own then it won’t affect you that much towards their feedback on food or stall reputation.

Podcast 3: Gautam Chintamani

Podcast 3 – With Gautam Chintamani (Author of the book; Pink the inside Story), where we discussed Bollywood’s misogyny against women, about his Jharkhand Roots (Then, Bihar) and his book!


The Unknown History Of Tagore Hill

Tagore Hill is the scenic locality of morabadi. The view of sunrise and sunset from the hilltop is one of the most beautiful things to see. But before Tagore Hill became a hangout place it was the ashram of Rabindra Nath’s elder brother Jyotindra Nath and even before that it was a rest house. Here’s the unknown history of Tagore Hill.

Before Satyendra Nath and Jyotindra Nath Tagore started living in Tagore Hill, it was Captain J R Ossley’s rest house. In 1842, Captain J. Ossley built his rest house in Tagore Hill. He likewise had his rest house at Pahadi Mandir prior known as fansi tungri. Captian Ossely stayed there till 1848. After Captain Ossley left, the place ended up plainly devastate until Jyotindra Nath Tagore and Satyendra Nath Tagore came to Tagore Hill in 1908. In 1905 when they came to Ranchi out of the blue they were entranced by the confined place of Tagore Hill. In 1908 they took the 15.80 acres of land of the slope by zamindar Harihar Singh. The work started from 11th December 1908 and was done by 14th July 1910. Bramha Temple, Shanti Dham and Kusum Tal were built.

The philanthropic Bramha Temple is on the summit. Jyotindra Nath Tagore used to do his music, melodies and bhajan in the Shanti Dham and in 1942 he translated the book “Geeta Rahasy” in Bangla written by Bal Gangadhar Rao Tilak.
ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) has got the opportunity to declare it a National Heritage from the Jharkhand government. It can be declared a national heritage in the near future.
Swami Vishudanad later founded the foundation of Ramakrishna Mission Ashram on the land donated to him by the Tagore family.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar.

10 must visit Durga Puja Pandals in Ranchi

  1.  OCC Club Bangla School

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    The puja pandal depicts the tribal group. Diverse sorts of craftsmanship have been moulded which makes the pandal significantly more alluring.

  2. R R Sporting Club Ratu Road

    The Pandal is a replica of Malaysia’s Octopus Building, The Dome of the building has been replaced by the Lotus flower. The Pandal is made by 50 lakhs outer covering of coconut.

  3. Bhartiya Navyuvak Sangh Bakri Bazar

    The creation of the universe by Lord Shiva has been depicted. The pandal shows the diversity of religion. You get to see the Namazi reading namaz in the Mosque, believers in the Church, Gurunanak Dev and his devotees in Gurudwara. The pandal is 110 ft tall.
  4.  Satya Amar Lok Harmu

    Durga Puja 2017 Location: Satya Amar Lok Harmu Road,Ranchi #ranchi #durgapujaranchi

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    The art of the pandal is Lord Kartikeya’s place of residence. The peacock is the focal point of fascination.

  5. Geetanjali Club Morabadi

    The Pandal depicts heaven where you experience boundless peace. Faries and horses are shown in the Pandal.

  6. Rajasthan Mitra Mandal Seva Sadan

    The Pandal is a replica of Maa Lakshmi Mandir, Tripura. The outside of the pandal is made by the artwork of mat (chatai). The mat is decorated with pearls and other decorative stuff.

  7. Railway Durga Puja Samiti, Station Road
    Along with Maa Durga and Bhagwan Jagganath, you will experience Orissa’s philosophy of folk culture, art and tradition. Calligraphy is done in the walls and 125 different faces of Bhagwan Jagannath have been engraved. There is sandwork of Maa Durga.

  8. Sangram Club Kutchery

    The Pandal delightfully demonstrates the reality that tree is life. It demonstrates how a tree is helpful to us when it is alive and even after we cut them. This gives us a message to plant more trees.

  9. Satellite Colony

    The Pandal is a replica of Kedarnath Temple.

  10. Bandhgadi Durga Puja Samiti

    The Pandal is purely eco-friendly. You will experience the Rajasthani Folk Art as soon as you enter the pandal.

Five active Incubation Centers in Jharkhand

A business incubator is a company that helps new and start-up companies to develop by providing services such as management training or office space, we have put togehter a list of active incubation centers in Ranchi-Jharkhand region.



99 LEAP is an ecosystem to “Learn. Earn. Aspire. Perspire”.
It is working toward a common goal of helping start-ups scale up to business. They select 3 startups every month for an intensive 99 days’ program at the end of which it becomes ready to define its trajectory. 99 LEAP work 360 degrees around start-ups, focusing on their strengths, with an aim to help them achieve exponential growth than an incremental growth.

Learn Earn Aspire Perspire

Their belief is in diversity and to work with a diverse type of start-ups as long as mutual synergy could be established.
Want the mentorship of 99 LEAP?
Visit: 99 LEAP


The Culture Colab

Culture Colab is an effort to create a culture of Innovation among the local community. It is a platform for idea generation and implementation. Focussing on a holistic approach of Digital Education, Innovation and Incubation; CoLab is involved in implementing digital learning solutions in schools and colleges and has created the first private incubation centre in Eastern India.

Think Make Impact

The uniqueness of this centre is that it will empower people at the grassroots to develop solutions to their own problems. And people of the local community will work collaboratively with these innovators to contribute to development.
Have something in mind in which you think they can help?
Visit: the Culture Colab for more information.


GBI – Global Business Incubator

The Global Business Incubator (GBI) is an initiative developed to stimulate economic growth, reduce poverty and promote progress towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by assisting participants from sustainable and socially responsible sectors to maximize their economic opportunities.

Global Business Incubator

The Global Business Incubator takes a multi- sectoral approach to economic growth by promoting the open exchange of ideas and active collaboration, as well as connecting and attracting a global network of business and political leaders to provide opportunities.
Want to work with GBI?
Visit Global Business Incubator


iB Hubs

iB Hubs is an ideation and mentoring group that aims to accelerate the progress of society through initiatives that address the root causes of the pressing problems in society. It encourages youth to undertake such initiatives and mentors them while carrying out these initiatives.

Startups and Beyond

Their philosophy is “Spread the light” and Focus is on creating and implementing solutions, rather than just debating problems.
Are you the one to join the philosophy of ‘Spread the Light’?
Visit: iB Hubs for more details.


The Butterfly Project

Butterfly project aims to empower Women, Transgenders, Elders (60 plus yrs) and Grass – root people and youth through their Entrepreneurship Development Programmes.

Empowering through Entrepreneurship

Their Core area of focus is Women Empowerment through Entrepreneurship, Gender Sensitization, Working with 4 Universities across Jharkhand and engaging youth on Entrepreneurship Development and Gender Issues, Incubation Center for – Women Entrepreneurs, Transgender Entrepreneurs, Elders (60 plus yrs) Entrepreneurs and “GRASS ROOT” Entrepreneurs established.
Are you the next Women Entrepreneur?
Join the league, Visit: The Butterfly Project

Durga Puja Committee breaking the stereotype

Dusshera is here and we can no more sit tight for Pandal hopping. The Artisans put in every one of their endeavours to make the Puja Pandal look charming. Everybody is eager to see the lovely Pratima of Maa Durga and the pandals. Be that as it may, we haven’t seen transgenders in the Puja Pandals.

Here is Bhubaneshwar’s Old Station Bazaar Durga Puja Committee breaking the stereotype and inviting members of the transgender community to offer puja in the pandal during Durga Puja this year. The organisers say “This is an attempt to give social spacee to transgender and including them to the mainstream.”

“We want to give transgenders their legitimate share in the general public by incorporating them in each of our celebrations and social festivals. After Supreme Court perceived transgender as the third gender who is no one to discriminate them,”

said Ganesh Sahu, president of the committee.
The transgenders have been invited to offer puja on the eighth day of Navratri when they will worship with the common women devotees at the pandal.

“We are grateful to the organising committee as they have taken this bold step and allowed us to worship puja in the pandal. Prior, at whatever point we visit Puja pandals individuals give prejudicial look to us and influence us to feel awkward. Such advances will unquestionably help in changing the general population’s attitude towards our group.”

said Sridevi, a transgender.

Source- Times Of India

Here is how Hindustan – Ranchi Edition screwed up big time!

I’ve always been amazed by people spreading mindless messages on the Internet, things like “share this message and Facebook will donate $1 to every victim” or “spread this message else it will bring you or your family bad luck” is pretty common these days.

few of them are quite hilarious, for example

Image Photoshopped to took like Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Image Photoshopped to took like Prime Minister Narendra Modi


And who all can forget the 2000 rupee gps hoax?
And who all can forget the 2000 rupee GPS hoax?

Newspapers are thought as a genuine source of authentic news, news standard is pretty high from online ones. however, not in this case!

The following is the post from Himanshoo Satendra Singh on Facebook, who shared an excerpt from Hindustan – Ranchi

At first glance, it looks yet another “Old Vintage Ranchi” post, but the image turned out to be fake by reputed Hindustan News.

The image shown as the 70’s picture had Toyota Innova, Albert Ekka Chowk, and Banners of brand Netizens could identify. Following is the response the post got from Netizens

Even though i do not wish to question the motive behind puting such news,  traffic in Ranchi has been on the higher side compartivly, but puting fake images in the name of old Ranchi pics should’nt be welcomed. Hindustan must publish real Vintage Pics of Ranchi from 70’s that will be a good compensation! agreed?

Share and tag @Hindustan if you agree! 🙂

Here is an interesting story of Ramukaakaa

It all happened in our summer break when me and my cousin got an idea to start a delivery service, the idea popped up when we were watching India vs Pakistan match and all of a sudden my mom came up with a list and handed it to me to buy groceries, it was then that we came up with an idea of a service through which we can order stuff and get them delivered at doorstep. Now that we had the idea, we decided to give it a try.

The Name ‘Ramukaakaa’

Now that we had the idea and all the intentions to give it a shot, we got confused about the name we should give to our startup. We thought about dozens of names but none attracted us much. One day I went to a coffee shop with my friend and my mom called me to get some stuff back home, I sighed so my friend queried about it, I told him that I have to go to the store to buy some stuff, he listened to me and smiled, he told me that his male servant Ramu is nearby so he called him and said,”Ramukaakaa ek kaam karna aap thode spices lelena JC k shop se”. That moment i thought that in a way we are the ‘Ramukaakaa’ for our customers so why not we name our startup ‘Ramukaakaa’.

Hiding the business from family

We didn’t tell our parents about this startup thing and to keep it a secret we used to promote our site to unknown places, we used to hide our faces and give information to people about our startup. So make it a point that if you are starting something of your own, never indulge your parents, try to hide those stuff from them because no matter how cool your parents are they will turn out to be the biggest hurdle in your journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

We started from grocery and stationery services, but now we added bakery items, cakes, vegetables, fruits and ice cream. We also offer our customer some special services like if you want to surprise someone, just call or WhatsApp us and we will deliver a cake with cards and bouquet at their doorstep.

Ramukaakaa is not just a business, it’s a part of your family like all those members who work for you, who brings all the things you want. We are the Ramukaakaa for our customers. To order WhatsApp or call us at 79 0340 7316

Visit us at


Wooden stuff from Woodpecker’s Society

Woodpecker’s Society makes Contemporary designs from reclaimed wood, Driftwood, Raw Wood, and carving from the Himalayas.

A small talk with Om Prakash Chandan the owner of WOODPECKER’S SOCIETY.

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

We are designing reclaimed wood products to provide a sustainable ecosystem where we handcraft jobs for our people and care for the planet, too.

How is your startup different from others?

We have reclaimed wood natural designs and we use high priority quality woods. We work with caring for the people and Planet philosophy and “Green Message”.


Tell us about your journey?

Alumni of NIFT, and was fascinated from recycling, reuse and sustainable medium led by a tour in the deep forest of Char Dham Uttarakhand and tough lifestyle hits the idea of “Woodpecker’s Society” by OM to create reclaimed wood products and give a message, how to care for people and planet, both.


Place your order from some amazing wooden goods here!

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